Memco Trading Limited is Company Limited by Shares, is fully managed by Mr. Salim Unawala. He has massive awareness in global trading. This company has steadily and gradually expanded into the Agri-business items from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina, Togo and all Africa over the years. This Company is controlled by Mr. Salim Unawala that is specialist in worldwide commodity trading supported by knowledgeable employees. Our allied offices are located worldwide for increasing operations and steep in the direction of business growth.

This company controls its Global operations throughout its allied offices and knowlegable workers, all of whom have been very much experienced from day one to keep quality control and some other important parameters, even as always striving to give regular and timely shipments for our growing customer base. We trust in offering the utmost standards of customer services and supplies in all our dealings.

In current's challenging world of business, we trusts in traditional worth of giving complete client satisfaction by constantly giving consistent and superior product's quality. In a short time span, our company has gained positive enlargement.