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Our Group offers highly effective consulting services to companies, persons, and public bodies. Group selects the companies it shows as per on their financial potency, the things they provide and their commitment to client service.

Our Company is helping our customers with fitting in the optimal business structure in Ivory Coast even we assist you set your business in Ghana.

Your initial step toward doing work in Ghana. It is situation in western bulge of northern Africa, with the south’s Atlantic Ocean, Togo to the east. Ghana is similar in size of UK, but being equatorial, boasts a normal temperature of approx 24 degrees Celsius, beautiful sandy beaches, and welcoming people you will find anywhere. The Ghana and UK already have a strong connection of trading, with the UK being biggest trading partner of Ghana. Some other advantages available to foreign business persons looking to spend money in Ghana:

A constant political atmosphere, with traditional democratic systems and institutions to confirm good control. Adaptable, abundant, simply trainable and lucrative labour force. Amazing sea and air associations with USA and Europe. A central and strategic location within the sub-region of West Africa giving complete access to entire market of approx 250 million people. An active private sector eager to collaborate with overseas partners. A high level of personal security. Government of Ghanas is mainly keen to salutation foreign people and there are a complete series of inducements in place to support entrepreneurs to begin a business in Ghana. Once is there 'Ghana' be a wonderful time to start performing business in this stunning country, known to lovingly by its people as 'the sun's land'?